Tuesday, February 11, 2020

AP Sample Essay

AP Sample EssayAn AP sample essay will provide students with a step-by-step guide to writing an AP application essay. It will contain tips for writing effective essays in addition to key information on AP preparation. Understanding the basics of writing an AP application essay is essential before you attempt writing one.To learn how to write an essay, it is important to understand AP apt test administration standards and best practices. You must do your research before beginning to write. This includes the instructional material available online and in books and study guides.There are five parts to an AP essay: Background, Activities, Discussion, Exam Preparation, and Assignments. The four other parts of the AP application essay are OTH, Competing Interests, Inquiry, and Relevant Learning. Note that each section is required to be completed in addition to all sections.Students should create a separate page for their essay in Word or PDF format. Have this page complete with your name, date, and the subject title. Make sure you have a title with enough information.Begin with a background paragraph that explains what the student's interest in the course is. This paragraph is optional, but provides the main thrust of the essay. After the background paragraph, begin the rest of the content by describing the activities in a specific section, by discussing your topic, and by evaluating your own performance.Next, the student explains the topics that are relevant to the course. She then describes how her experiences with the curriculum relate to those topics. Finally, she evaluates her overall performance and provides some comments about the different types of test taking strategies.Finally, she states her conclusion and describes the activities in the final section. This is a very important section of the AP application essay and gives students feedback on the strengths of their course.

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